• COLLEGE CODE : 041 (UNI) 226 (GRANT) ZONE CODE : 93/4


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National Cedet Corps

35th Gujarat Battalion National Cadet Corps Palanpur is a National Cadet Corps unit under the agency of Smt K.K.Shah Arts & Smt L.B.Gunjariya Commerce College-Thara NCC Palanpur fosters patriotism and discipline in the Cadets,there by creating dynamic and visonary leaders of India.

NCC Palanpur strives to fulfill the following aims :

  • Leadership Qualities : To Create Leadership Qualities in NCC cadets.To train the youth and to provide leadership in all walks of life.To develop various qualities in youth and build up their character.
  • Personality Development : To develop character,comradeship,discipline,leadership,secular outlook the sprint of adventure and create selfless service among the youth of India.
  • Motivation : to motivate and train N.C.C.cadets to join the armed forces to create proper ambience for N.C.C.cadets and inspire them to join NDA,INA,SSC and SSB Training capsule.

Activity like NCC Serve to inculcate values of leadership discipline and obedience among the students enrolled.The NCC cadets of the campus unit actively participate in the numerous programmes and events.

There are 50 cadets in our NCC unit we hold parade on every saturday.our cadets take part in state and national level camps.our cadets are often selected forthe National parade in Delhi 50 students passed the 'C' certificate during the last 5 years The cadets jobs in the police and some have joined Indian Army.